SmartSolve Employee Safety


When the safety of your employees or clients is critical, look no further than SmartSolve to help develop packaging to protect the people who use your products. Many products contain chemicals that are harmful to the end-user if handled, and our water soluble pouches can be used to provide a barrier between the two.

SmartSolve Time Savings


Time = money. SmartSolve can help save you and your company money by reducing the time it takes your employees or customers to remove sticky residue from products or packaging. Look to us for your complete water-soluble paper solutions that can help reduce the amount of time spent on cleaning critical equipment around the workplace.

SmartSolve Labor Savings
SmartSolve Product Portioning


In many industries, the precise distribution of chemicals is essential in maintaining the integrity of the product. Whether you need a pre-portioned package of seeds that will automatically dissolve when placed in the ground and watered, or steel reinforcement shavings that dissolve when placed in concrete, look no further than SmartSolve.


SmartSolve helps you save money by reducing the amount of time your labor force spends removing unsightly adhesive residue from products where labels were once adhered. Your employees will have more time to focus their attention on profit-driving tasks which will ultimately increase the profitability of your organization.


SmartSolve is a game-changing line of paper-based materials that are both environmentally sustainable and water soluble. SmartSolve materials can be produced in a variety of thicknesses, coatings, and configurations which quickly and easily dissolve when coming into contact with water and agitation. There are limitless applications for SmartSolve technology ranging from commercial and industrial to agricultural and consumer. Wherever there is a need for temporary labeling or identification of goods, SmartSolve pressure sensitive paper is a valuable cost savings opportunity limited only by your imagination.

SmartSolve Dissolving Paper Step 1

SmartSolve water soluble paper...

SmartSolve Dissolving Paper Step 2

dissolves completely...

SmartSolve Dissolving Paper Step 3

in 30 seconds or less!


SmartSolve strives to create water soluble packaging materials that can exist in harmony between humans and nature. There is a delicate balance between ensuring that future generations will continue to have the water, materials, and resources for a healthy environment, and the products needed for human social and health requirements. As part of this balancing act, SmartSolve is dedicated to finding new ways to create water soluble packaging products that can fulfill a human need, but then be reduced to minimum earth-friendly waste after use. Contact us to discuss how we can create a sustainable packaging solution together!