Kid Casters

"While searching for an alternative to water-soluble plastic containers, we happened upon SmartSolve water-soluble paper and found it to be the perfect fit. The SmartSolve product dissolved quicker and more completely than the plastic and was a much more environmentally-conscious choice. It also prints significantly better than plastic. The Kid Casters product was a hit within the fishing industry because of the positive way it introduced kids to fishing and SmartSolve played a major role in that success. Moreover, we have developed a wonderful working relationship with the team that has lasted for several years. Couldn't be happier with how our search turned out!"

— Ralph Duda III (Kid Casters)

High Vibration Products

"High Vibration Products is a conscious, forward-moving, environmentally-concerned company who markets specifically to millennials. When creating our holistic oral hygiene products, one of our main concerns was eliminating plastic packaging as well as creating a totally vegan product in which no animal by-products are used. Finding labels and packaging that did not have animal by-products in the adhesive and were environmentally friendly seemed impossible. Our research led us to SmartSolve Industries as the only option that fit our needs. As a small startup business, we initially thought that they would be unable to help us—however, we were pleased to learn that they were willing to provide us with the small quantities we needed to get started and they treated us as if we were just as important as their largest customer.

We use the pressure-sensitive material for all of our labels and the heat-sealable dissolving paper as packing for our dry clay. Our customers love hearing that, if you drop a package of our detoxification or remineralization clay on the ground, it literally helps heal the earth. This is not only because the contents inside the package are made using totally organic ingredients from plants and the earth's dirt, but also because the packaging itself is made from plants and dissolves in water. Creating High Vibration Products has only truly been possible with the help of SmartSolve Industries. Thank you, SmartSolve, for supporting small businesses and helping us be able to provide products with eco-friendly packaging at a price that is more than fair!"

— Jennifer Young (High Vibration Products)

McCormack Innovation

"Our water-soluble stool collection device has made inroads into the worldwide healthcare market. We reached the finals of the Scottish EDGE Awards for our innovative FlushAway™ product, which is a significant milestone for an up-and-coming business such as ours. Additionally, McCormack Innovation was honored to be invited to take part in the Solve/MIT challenge; Solve is an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that looks at solutions to the world's most pressing environmental and health challenges.

SmartSolve’s game-changing water-soluble paper products have helped us reach these new heights. As society moves away from using non-degradable products, we continue to develop yet more patented, water-soluble products and are confident that SmartSolve’s innovative materials will continue to help us realize our goals."

— Garry Crighton (McCormack Innovation)