Experience leads to evolution

When you’re looking for the very best American expertise in hydrographics, look to the SmartSolve team in Bowling Green, Ohio. Our consultants offer a combined 50+ years in water transfer printing expertise and our leadership brings world-leading knowledge on dissolvable substrates. Together, we offer an amazing evolution to the hydrographics printing and processing Industry.

Our experience includes operating our own processing company as well as years of helping large manufacturers implement their own processing systems. We have been in your shoes, lived through your challenges and frustrations, and have built a better option - an American Owned, American Printed option!

Why Choose SmartSolve?

SmartSolve Printed in the USA

in the USA

Proudly American Owned & American Printed.

SmartSolve Superior Dissolving Film


Material Stability Without Retaining Walls.

SmartSolve Fully Customizable

FULLY Customizable

Any Image, Size & Quantity Printed Film.

SmartSolve Shorter Dissolve Time

Shorter Dissolve Time

Faster Rinse Time & Less Film Distortion.

SmartSolve Printed in the USA
SmartSolve Printed in the USA

SmartSolve Digital Hydrographic Process: 1. Take a Photo 2. Upload Image to Software 3. Printing 4. Trimming for Dip 5. Lay Film in Tank (print side up) 6. Dam Appropriately 7. Hydrate Film (45 seconds) 8. Activate (4 light atomized passes) 9. Dip 10. Rinse