Greener Product Packages: Pouches 101


For companies that design stellar products, the product packaging should reflect the quality, brand image and values the company has cultivated. Many manufacturers are turning to greener, more ecologically-friendly packaging options for several reasons:

  • Sustainable packaging is less expensive than ever before, potentially cutting manufacturing overhead.

  • Modern consumers appreciate socially responsible and environmentally responsible brands.

  • Choosing environmentally friendly business practices sometimes qualifies for tax benefits.

  • Water-soluble pouches, such as those available from SmartSolve, function more effectively with a smaller environmental impact than similar plastic products.

SmartSolve offers a range of water-soluble pouch packaging options suitable for many different product types.

Functional and Reliable

Water-soluble pouches from SmartSolve dissolve completely in water of any temperature with no adhesive residue. They also allow for fantastic printability, enabling even complex designs and graphics. Print quality on SmartSolve water-soluble pouch paper tends to look better than printing on plastic packaging, as the paper allows for more intricate and sharper designs than plastic will allow. Heat-seal coating retains the packaging’s pouch shape, and SmartSolve water-soluble pouches completely dissolve in 40 seconds or less.

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Environmentally Responsible

Modern consumers often prefer to do business with companies that have proven track records of social and environmental responsibility. Every company has different challenges when it comes to making ecologically responsible decisions for business operations, and SmartSolve water-soluble pouches can be the ideal solution for many types of products.

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Maximum Product and Consumer Safety

Many water-soluble products require careful handling, and some of them must remain unexposed to air and other possible contaminants before use. Water soluble pouches from SmartSolve eliminate the need for human contact and preserve the integrity of pouched products. They also protect end users from exposure to potentially harmful substances meant for use with water. Manufacturers can measure exact portions for each pouch, and end users never need to worry about opening the packages. 

Discover How Water-Soluble Pouch Packaging Can Benefit Your Brand

Water-soluble packaging is advantageous in various commercial applications. Ultimately, making the switch to sustainable packaging can increase consumer confidence, alleviate the environmental impact of typical product packaging, and show consumers your company’s dedication to using ecologically friendly materials in your manufacturing processes.

SmartSolve water-soluble pouch technology holds distinct benefits over plastic-based and other water-soluble packaging types. 

Go Beyond Recycling™

If your business is looking for or sustainable, water-soluble labeling or packaging, connect with SmartSolve today to begin exploring our line of bio-based, eco-friendly products. During your consultation with our scientific team, you can learn more about how a water-soluble solution can benefit your business.

SmartSolve Recognized by GHP Manufacturing and Packaging Awards 2019


SmartSolve Industries receives industry recognition for innovation and sustainability

Bowling Green, OH. (June 17, 2019) – Global Health & Pharma (GHP), a global information sharing platform that focuses on the health and pharmaceutical space, recognizes the growing need for effective, innovative manufacturing and packaging solutions. In an effort to acknowledge an area that is often overlooked, GHP has decided to commemorate and showcase the hard work of innovators through its Manufacturing and Packaging Awards 2019.

SmartSolve is pleased to announce that it is one of the companies recognized by GHP in this year's awards. "We're honored to receive this award from GHP. Additional exposure like this can help more companies find the environmentally-friendly, unique paper and packaging solutions that we offer," said Jonathan Jakubowski, Director of SmartSolve Industries.

SmartSolve Industries produces a variety of water-soluble paper materials that can be used for packaging, labeling and other applications. These sustainable solutions dissolve completely in water, leaving behind no residue. Bio-based materials are the foundation of the company's products, providing packing and paper solutions that are ecologically sound.

About SmartSolve

SmartSolve Industries encompasses a family of environmentally friendly water-soluble paper materials that are produced in multiple thicknesses and configurations. From pouches and paper to label stock and board stock, SmartSolve delivers a variety of packaging applications for the consumer goods, construction and children’s toy industries, among others.

If you would like more information about SmartSolve's solutions, visit, call 888.788.5085, or email

Quarterly Innovation: Q2 2019 in Review


The Impact of Ocean Pollution

Insoluble waste such as plastic has a significant impact on the planet’s oceans. Its presence in the ocean disrupts the lives of the vast number of organisms that live in the seas or along the coasts. Whales, dolphins, turtles, fish, and other sea life come into contact with the plastic products, which can either strangle or harm them without a viable way to remove the obstructions. The toxins created by the waste can also affect their health. What makes these products particularly dangerous is both how their presence can wipe out entire species and their permanence in these environments due to their insoluble nature. Learn more!


Featured SmartSolve Innovation

SmartSolve water-soluble heat seal materials are designed to provide convenient biodegradable packaging solutions for granular substances and dry powder products. With so many unique variations to choose from, our pouching materials are easily implemented into a wide variety of industries. Whether your business is looking to advance personal safety and consumer convenience, introduce time saving pre-portioned packaging, or even implement corporate sustainability initiatives, our team can help you select the ideal material for your unique application. To receive more information about our heat seal materials and pouching capabilities, contact us!


Exclusive Interview: Going Beyond for Supply Chain Sustainability

The Outlook Series features a variety of podcasts and interviews that provide valuable insight for professionals working within the financial, science, security and service sectors. SmartSolve’s recent interview takes a deeper dive into how supply chains can go beyond recycling by using sustainable bio-based packaging materials. Listen to the full interview!


SmartSolve Awarded "Leading Innovators in Sustainable Packaging"

SmartSolve has been recognized as the “Leading Innovators in Sustainable Packaging” through the annual GHP Manufacturing and Packaging Awards. This global spotlight commends the hard work of businesses striving to advance the future of healthcare through innovative packaging and manufacturing solutions. For more information or to see a compilation of award winners, click here!

SmartSolve's Innovative Water Soluble Technology, Part 3: Engineering

SmartSolve provides a series of water-soluble, eco-friendly paper materials that can be used for packaging and labeling. Manufacturers and sellers can customize these materials by choosing multiple thicknesses, coatings, and configurations to suit the needs of the product and enhance the customer experience.

SmartSolve's unique water-soluble technology was developed by combining its three core competencies of materials, science, and engineering.

In the first part of this series, we explored our various materials choices, the way they function and their distinct benefits. In the second part of the series, we reviewed how science plays a role in helping our clients find the right solution to fit their needs.

In this third part, we'll take a deeper look at the ways that the engineering core competency helps clients customize environmentally-friendly solutions.

Where Materials and Science Meet Engineering

Once a company has examined the wide variety of eco-friendly packaging and labeling materials that SmartSolve offers (Face StockLabel StockBoard StockPouchesWater-Soluble Thread), our team ensures that our solutions are the right fit for the product and can help achieve the specified goals.

During the Engineering Phase, our goal is to dig deeper into the ways that the choice of packaging and labeling materials can help overcome challenges and innovate in a way that separates the company from its competitors.

Our engineering team has already deployed its expertise early in the product development process but will continue to work with the company to ensure that the chosen solution delivers the game-changing innovations that end-users are seeking.

Make a Difference with Eco-Friendly Solutions

According to a national study conducted by IPSOS and the Paper and Packaging Board, 7 in 10 consumers (72%) admit that packaging can influence their purchasing choices. Going even further, 67% say that they are influenced by the materials that a product is packaged in, and more consumers are placing weight on such things as the sustainability and recyclability of materials.

SmartSolve's revolutionary products offer both companies and their customers hope for a more sustainable future. These next-generation environmentally-friendly labeling and packing solutions allow companies to create a unique experience for their customers and set the standard in a world that has become more discerning.

Innovative Water-Soluble Technology from SmartSolve                    

Learn more about how our eco-friendly, bio-based products can enhance your business. You'll not only have the opportunity to choose from a variety of water-soluble solutions but also have the benefit of a team of professionals that will help ensure that your choice meets the needs of you and your customers.

Go Beyond Recycling™

Connect with SmartSolve today to begin exploring our line of bio-based, eco-friendly products. During your consultation with our scientific team, you can learn more about how a water-soluble solution can benefit your business.

If your business is looking for labeling, packaging and other sustainable, water-soluble products, consider SmartSolve.

SmartSolve's Innovative Water-Soluble Technology, Part 2: Science

SmartSolve has developed a family of eco-friendly, water-soluble paper materials used for labeling and packaging. These materials are available in multiple coatings, thicknesses, and configurations to meet the various needs of clients and their customers.

SmartSolve's innovative water-soluble technology was developed through the combination of the three core competencies of materials, science, and engineering.

In the first part of this series, we explored the various unique materials we offer, the functions they provide, and the many benefits they deliver. In this part of the series, we're taking a more in-depth look at the science behind our unique process of helping companies find the right water-soluble products to suit its needs.

Moving Beyond Materials to Science

SmartSolve offers a wide range of materials, each of which serves a particular purpose and helps achieve goals such as sustainability, labor savings, employee safet, and product portioning.

Once a company narrows down the right product for their needs (Board StockPouchesLabel StockFace StockWater-Soluble Thread), it's time for science to step in. Our team asks some questions that will help ensure that SmartSolve is the perfect fit for a product:

  • Do dispersion times need to be sped up or slowed down?

  • Is there a specific amount of powder or granular substance that a pouch must hold?

  • How can our packaging meet sustainability goals?

Our SmartSolve team thoroughly coordinates its scientific resources to provide companies with a detailed material analysis and delivers answers to any technical questions during the product development process.

Become an Innovator and Market Leader

Whether a company is just bringing a product to market or wants to make some changes to the packaging of an existing product, SmartSolve's water-soluble technology presents a unique opportunity.

According to one recent study, 84% of consumers place tremendous value on recyclable packaging options, and a large majority make recycling a priority. Not only do these solutions help differentiate companies from their peers, but they also provided the advantages needed to achieve market share and other business goals.

Go Beyond Recycling™

Connect with SmartSolve today to begin exploring our line of bio-based, eco-friendly products. During your consultation with our scientific team, you can learn more about how a water-soluble solution can benefit your business.

If your business is looking for labeling, packaging, and other sustainable, water-soluble products, consider SmartSolve.

Be on the lookout for part three, as we explore our next main competency: Engineering

SmartSolve's Innovative Water-Soluble Technology, Part 1: Materials

SmartSolve’s unique brand of innovative water-soluble technology can help companies and businesses reach several important goals, including sustainability and employee safety. When it comes to developing and creating a strong gallery of water-soluble solutions, we incorporate three main competencies that are vital to the efficiency of our products: materials, science and engineering.

In part one of this series, we will explore the first main competency—materials. Specifically, the wide range of materials we offer, their purposes, and the numerous benefits they can provide.

A Variety of Materials

Our bio-based, water-soluble innovations are available in a wide variety of materials. While each of these materials have their own specific purpose, they all share a part in the general mission to help companies meet their sustainability goals.

  • Face Stock. We provide uncoated face stock that dissolves in water in mere seconds and is available in a variety of thicknesses. The material can be upgraded with several custom coatings. 

  • Label Stock. Our direct thermal pressure sensitive label stock is also water-soluble and is designed for use on a direct thermal printer. All SmartSolve label stock material leaves no adhesive residue material behind, making it an ideal solution for reusable containers.

  • Pouches. SmartSolve’s water-soluble pouches have the advantage of using hot seal coating to protect users from exposure to medical applications, agro chemicals and dry chemicals. In addition, these pouches have a strong selection of coatings and configurations, providing products with flexible packaging that can be altered and changed depending on the purpose.

  • Water-Soluble Thread. Our synthetic PVA thread is perfect for packaging with hang tags, as well as quilting and crafts. This water-soluble thread dissolves in water in around 30 seconds and has shelf life of 12 months.

  • Board Stock. SmartSolve’s water-soluble board stock can be converted to corrugated boxes, hang tags, backer boards, pillow packs and more. It has strong printing and graphics capabilities for any packaging and has a thickness of up to 30pt.

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Benefits of Our Materials

SmartSolve’s numerous materials—all using water-soluble innovation—offer several benefits. Some of the areas where the incorporation of our products can be beneficial include:

  • Sustainability

  • Employee Safety

  • Labor Savings

  • Product Portioning

Go Beyond Recycling™

Are you interested in water-soluble products for your company? Connect with SmartSolve today to explore our line of eco-friendly, water-soluble products and learn How2Recycle for the good of our planet!

Be on the lookout for part two, as we explore our next main competency: Science