Bowling Green, OH -- CMC Group, Inc. is excited to announce the rebranding of its division, formerly DayMark Technologies, to SmartSolve® Industries, as well as formal entry into markets seeking water soluble, paper based packaging and materials.

The CMC Group and its business divisions, including DayMark Safety Systems, Century Label and SmartSolve Industries, represent 22 years of research, development, commercialization and certain patents in dissolvable paper; film and tape for immersion printing; tag stock, carton stock, board stock and corrugated substrates. This expertise, coupled with state-of-the-art printing capabilities and American made materials, places SmartSolve Industries as a leading global supplier of water soluble, paper based materials.

”We are very excited that SmartSolve Industries is launching with such an extensive line of SmartSolve water soluble, paper based materials,” says Jonathan Jakubowski, SmartSolve Industries Division Leader. “Our newest innovation, SmartSolve Corrugate, will have a measurable impact on minimizing packaging waste in our environment. We think this technology will be quickly embraced by the manufacturing industry as they escalate their sustainability initiatives and migrate to more environmentally preferable packaging and materials.”

Several SmartSolve products have undergone independent testing by The Ashkin Group for specific product performance requirements and to identify potential adverse impacts on human health and the environment.  Among others, these tests include biodegradability - ASTM D6868; biobased analysis - ASTM D6866; disintegration - ISO 20200; ecotoxity - OEDC Guideline 208; and Toxics in Packaging Clearinghouse (formerly CONG) – heavy metals. In addition, the materials have been and continue to be screened for restricted substances and other substances of high concern for human and/or environmental health against numerous lists derived from national and international authoritative bodies such as US EPA; IRIS; TRI; NIOSH; and more.

For more complete testing results or further information about SmartSolve Industries and the SmartSolve line of materials and products visit or email Call 888.788.5085 and 419.373.4888.

CMC Group, Inc. was established in 1980 as Century Marketing, a small label distributor. Over its more than 35-year history, CMC Group has expanded to include multiple companies of excellence, with world-class printing capabilities as the foundation. With headquarters in Bowling Green, Ohio, the company’s business divisions, including DayMark® Safety Systems (; Century Label (; and SmartSolve® Industries ( continue to grow through innovative technological improvements and a leadership committed to customer consideration.  Our Mission: to birth, grow and operate businesses to model and extend the Kingdom of God.

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Leasa Lee - Director of Marketing