For companies that design stellar products, the product packaging should reflect the quality, brand image and values the company has cultivated. Many manufacturers are turning to greener, more ecologically-friendly packaging options for several reasons:

  • Sustainable packaging is less expensive than ever before, potentially cutting manufacturing overhead.

  • Modern consumers appreciate socially responsible and environmentally responsible brands.

  • Choosing environmentally friendly business practices sometimes qualifies for tax benefits.

  • Water-soluble pouches, such as those available from SmartSolve, function more effectively with a smaller environmental impact than similar plastic products.

SmartSolve offers a range of water-soluble pouch packaging options suitable for many different product types.

Functional and Reliable

Water-soluble pouches from SmartSolve dissolve completely in water of any temperature with no adhesive residue. They also allow for fantastic printability, enabling even complex designs and graphics. Print quality on SmartSolve water-soluble pouch paper tends to look better than printing on plastic packaging, as the paper allows for more intricate and sharper designs than plastic will allow. Heat-seal coating retains the packaging’s pouch shape, and SmartSolve water-soluble pouches completely dissolve in 40 seconds or less.

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Environmentally Responsible

Modern consumers often prefer to do business with companies that have proven track records of social and environmental responsibility. Every company has different challenges when it comes to making ecologically responsible decisions for business operations, and SmartSolve water-soluble pouches can be the ideal solution for many types of products.

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Maximum Product and Consumer Safety

Many water-soluble products require careful handling, and some of them must remain unexposed to air and other possible contaminants before use. Water soluble pouches from SmartSolve eliminate the need for human contact and preserve the integrity of pouched products. They also protect end users from exposure to potentially harmful substances meant for use with water. Manufacturers can measure exact portions for each pouch, and end users never need to worry about opening the packages. 

Discover How Water-Soluble Pouch Packaging Can Benefit Your Brand

Water-soluble packaging is advantageous in various commercial applications. Ultimately, making the switch to sustainable packaging can increase consumer confidence, alleviate the environmental impact of typical product packaging, and show consumers your company’s dedication to using ecologically friendly materials in your manufacturing processes.

SmartSolve water-soluble pouch technology holds distinct benefits over plastic-based and other water-soluble packaging types. 

Go Beyond Recycling™

If your business is looking for or sustainable, water-soluble labeling or packaging, connect with SmartSolve today to begin exploring our line of bio-based, eco-friendly products. During your consultation with our scientific team, you can learn more about how a water-soluble solution can benefit your business.