As Chinese environmental regulations continue to increase, many leuco dye manufactures have been forced to make the difficult decision of whether to modify their facilities to comply with imposed regulations or to halt their production entirely. Connect Chemicals, the primary supplier of leuco dye, as well as several other leuco dye manufacturers, have recently halted production of the dye in light of the heightened environmental standards

This series of closures has introduced significant supply constraints for direct thermal material manufactures and has caused many vendors to implement price increases on various direct thermal products. The effects of rising direct thermal and thermal transfer material prices are being felt throughout many industries where leuco dyes are used to make barcodes and transaction receipts. A few key sectors affected by the price increases include traditional brick and mortar retailers, ecommerce vendors and freight providers, as well as businesses in the food service industry. While several existing leuco dye producers have made considerable efforts to increase production, the dye shortage persists.

Industry experts continue seeking solutions for this lengthy material shortage while various manufacturers, converters, and distributors struggle to meet the world’s direct thermal material demand.


A Message from our Director

"As leaders possessing a patented technology, we have seen a surge of customers reaching out with inquiries about our water-soluble direct thermal materials. In light of the recent leuco dye shortage, traditional non-dissolvable direct thermal materials have experienced considerable price inflation. The previous price hikes for commoditized direct thermal products has undoubtedly reduced the price premiums that are often associated with utilizing water-soluble technologies. Many businesses are now reconsidering this game-changing technology and are ready to take advantage of the many unique benefits that SmartSolve water-soluble materials have to offer." — Jonathan Jakubowski


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Your Sustainable Direct Thermal Solution

SmartSolve’s product offerings have the potential to advance corporate bio-based sustainability initiatives while simultaneously providing significant industrial advantages for those utilizing water-soluble technology. SmartSolve 4 pt. direct thermal material is compatible with virtually any thermal printer and is made of high quality FSC-certified materials. SmartSolve direct thermal materials are available in sheets and rolls, and also in an assortment of label sizes. As shown in the above video, this material will disperse in 30 seconds or less when submerged in water and exposed to agitation.