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Featured SmartSolve Innovation

SmartSolve has recently partnered with McCormack Innovations to change the way patients and healthcare institutions conduct bowel cancer screenings. Even though many individuals understand the importance of early Colorectal Cancer detection, the screening process still presents rather unpleasant challenges for both patients and medical professionals alike. The FlushAway Stool Collector was designed with these challenges in mind and makes stool sampling easy whether the patient is testing at home or in a hospital setting. Simply form the dish according to the package instructions, place the unit in the toilet, take the requested stool sample, and flush the devise and its contents away. It is that simple. LEARN MORE…

A Message from our Director

“Our experienced team empowers businesses to implement sustainable, bio-based innovations into existing manufacturing processes and packaging initiatives. Your knowledge, experience, and vision coupled with our science, materials, and engineering will enable you to set a new standard in your industry.” — Jonathan J.



SPC Impact 2019

SPC Impact is a four day event that provides businesses with an extraordinary opportunity to create unity and synergy around global sustainability movements. Visit booth number 6 to learn about SmartSolve’s mission to go beyond recycling in order to make the world a better place for future generations! LEARN MORE…