SmartSolve provides a series of water-soluble, eco-friendly paper materials that can be used for packaging and labeling. Manufacturers and sellers can customize these materials by choosing multiple thicknesses, coatings, and configurations to suit the needs of the product and enhance the customer experience.

SmartSolve's unique water-soluble technology was developed by combining its three core competencies of materials, science, and engineering.

In the first part of this series, we explored our various materials choices, the way they function and their distinct benefits. In the second part of the series, we reviewed how science plays a role in helping our clients find the right solution to fit their needs.

In this third part, we'll take a deeper look at the ways that the engineering core competency helps clients customize environmentally-friendly solutions.

Where Materials and Science Meet Engineering

Once a company has examined the wide variety of eco-friendly packaging and labeling materials that SmartSolve offers (Face StockLabel StockBoard StockPouchesWater-Soluble Thread), our team ensures that our solutions are the right fit for the product and can help achieve the specified goals.

During the Engineering Phase, our goal is to dig deeper into the ways that the choice of packaging and labeling materials can help overcome challenges and innovate in a way that separates the company from its competitors.

Our engineering team has already deployed its expertise early in the product development process but will continue to work with the company to ensure that the chosen solution delivers the game-changing innovations that end-users are seeking.

Make a Difference with Eco-Friendly Solutions

According to a national study conducted by IPSOS and the Paper and Packaging Board, 7 in 10 consumers (72%) admit that packaging can influence their purchasing choices. Going even further, 67% say that they are influenced by the materials that a product is packaged in, and more consumers are placing weight on such things as the sustainability and recyclability of materials.

SmartSolve's revolutionary products offer both companies and their customers hope for a more sustainable future. These next-generation environmentally-friendly labeling and packing solutions allow companies to create a unique experience for their customers and set the standard in a world that has become more discerning.

Innovative Water-Soluble Technology from SmartSolve                    

Learn more about how our eco-friendly, bio-based products can enhance your business. You'll not only have the opportunity to choose from a variety of water-soluble solutions but also have the benefit of a team of professionals that will help ensure that your choice meets the needs of you and your customers.

Go Beyond Recycling™

Connect with SmartSolve today to begin exploring our line of bio-based, eco-friendly products. During your consultation with our scientific team, you can learn more about how a water-soluble solution can benefit your business.

If your business is looking for labeling, packaging and other sustainable, water-soluble products, consider SmartSolve.