Single-use medical supplies helped to revolutionize health care by providing safe, sterile medical supplies to prevent cross-contamination and other medical hazards from unsanitary treatment conditions. Single-use items like plastic straws, stool collectors, and other plastic medical items prevent patients from coming into contact with germs and saves the treatment center time and resources on sterilization. However, this convenience comes with an added cost that many overlook: single-use medical supplies can hurt patients and damage the environment.

How Plastic Single-Use Medical Items Might Harm Patients

Plastic medical supplies can, once used, transmit harmful germs to others—no matter where they go. Plastic lasts an incredibly long time, so disposable medical supplies used for handling blood, feces, or other bodily fluids may retain traces of those substances long after use. Plastic medical devices can also snap and break, potentially posing a cutting hazard due to sharp edges.

Plastic Single-Use Medical Supplies Harm the Earth

While recycling can help cut down on plastic waste in general, many plastic single-use medical supplies do not qualify for recycling. Since they come into contact with so many potentially harmful substances and biohazards, it is not safe to recycle them through conventional recycling practices. More often than not, these supplies end up in landfills after use. They will continue to harm the environment for a very long time, and there is no real way to eliminate this problem aside from switching to ecologically friendly single-use medical supplies.

Choose Sustainability

SmartSolve specializes in water-soluble packaging for consumer products, including products that can be used in the medical sector.

Every water-soluble packaging option sold by SmartSolve dissolves completely in water with no residue. We have also recently developed water-soluble corrugated sheets for more sustainable boxes, backer boards, pillow packs, hang tags, and much more.

We use cutting edge technology to produce different types of water-soluble packaging and adhesives to ensure safety and reliability with every application. One of the products we’ve developed to help medical treatment professionals cut down on harmful plastic waste is our Flushaway Single-Use Stool Collector. Instead of conventional stool collection tools made with plastic that doesn’t qualify for recycling and harms the environment, the SmartSolve Flushaway Single-Use Stool Collector allows for safe, sanitary stool collection with any standard U.S.-sized toilet.

This device is just one example of how SmartSolve can help medical treatment professionals reduce the environmental impact of the medical industry without sacrificing patient care.

If you are interested in water-soluble packaging solutions for the medical industry, contact SmartSolve today for more information.