Water Soluble Paper

About SmartSolve

SmartSolve encompasses a family of environmentally sustainable water soluble paper materials that can be produced in multiple thicknesses, coatings, and configurations. From label stock and board stock to hydrographic film and tape, SmartSolve has a variety of valuable applications and can be coated with water soluble adhesive that dissolves in water and leaves behind no residue. Heat seal top coating can be applied to allow the material to be converted into water soluble pouches, tubes, folding cartons or containers. It can also have a direct thermal top coating for use in thermal printers.

WHAT SmartSolve Can Offer

●      Customer Service - Support & communications
●      Technical Support - Paper & equipment engineers on staff
●      In-House Graphics Department - Graphic artists on staff
●      Award-Winning Full Color Management Capabilities - Ensures color accuracy & replication order-to-order
●      Full In-House Printing & Die Cutting Capabilities - HD, flexography, hot stamp & thermal printing
●      Warehousing Capabilities - SmartSolve stocking programs are available

Our Certifications & Memberships


SmartSolve Industries is a member of CMC Group, a multi-division corporation established in 1980 and headquartered in Bowling Green, OH. CMC Group has facilities in the USA, Canada, and the UK and sells throughout North America, Europe, Central America and to countries in the Pacific Rim. The SmartSolve Industries division provides unique materials and product solutions to commerce, industry, and consumers. SmartSolve water soluble paper is the backbone of the SmartSolve Industries product line. The dissolving paper materials have highly unique, versatile, and technologically-advanced qualities and capabilities. SmartSolve's mission is to supply game changing, earth friendly water soluble technology into strategic markets of need while modeling and extending the Kingdom of God.

Greg Rogers, VP of Business Development, and Jonathan Jakubowski, SmartSolve Division Leader, give you a closer look at SmartSolve Industries, your go-to source for environmentally sustainable water soluble paper and adhesives.