SmartSolve can be printed on most web and sheet fed presses including digital, flexography, letterpress, and dry offset. SmartSolve requires no special equipment and accepts water and oil-based inks (NOTE: water-based inks are highly recommended as they dissolve along with the material; oil-based inks leave a slurry in the water.) SmartSolve Industries provides SmartSolve in raw material form (rolls and sheets) as well as printed finished products (labels, pouches, containers, and hang tags) and customer initiated product opportunities that take advantage of SmartSolve’s unique characteristics. We will guide you through every step of our unique process to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new, custom designed product.

SmartSolve Material


SmartSolve provides our unique paper in the form of raw material rolls or sheets. 

SmartSolve Printing


Water-based inks are applied to the substrate with your custom graphics.

SmartSolve Product


Your finished, water soluble hang tag, label, etc. is converted & produced.


SmartSolve Industries can provide pressure-sensitive and custom coating solutions for many industries and applications. Our custom coating capabilities include slitting, rewinding, toll coating, in-line silicone coating, and wide-web pressure-sensitive capabilities. We also provide vertical integration in the supply chain.

  • Cohesives
  • Direct Thermal Coatings
  • Heat Seal
  • Pattern Coatings
  • 100% Solid Solventless Silicone
  • Water-Based Emulsion Adhesives
  • Acrylic Rubber-Based Adhesives
  • Cross Link Coatings
52" & 61" Slitter/Rewinders

52" & 61" Slitter/Rewinders

Two-Roll Reverse Gravure Coating

Two-Roll Reverse Gravure Coating

Silicone & Adhesive Coating

Silicone & Adhesive Coating

Dual-Stage Ovens

Dual-Stage Ovens