SmartSolve Sustainable


Now more than ever, customers are making purchasing decisions with a focus on saving the environment. Because of this, companies around the world have increased their efforts to become more environmentally conscious. SmartSolve's line of dissolving materials and adhesives is the green answer you have been searching for. Let us help you come up with a new, water soluble solution for your product packaging today!

SmartSolve Green Products

SmartSolve Industries has completed independent laboratory testing and their products have received several certifications of “Green”, including TPCH and CPSIA 2008, OSHA, NIOSH, EU Reach, California Prop 65, IARC, and NTP.


SmartSolve Industries is committed to producing environmentally sustainable products, processes, and offices. The corporation has in place several sustainable initiatives that ensure energy efficiency and the minimal usage of non-renewable resources.