Water Soluble Board Stock

SmartSolve can be converted into an environmentally sustainable water soluble backer boards, pillow packs, hang tags and corrugated boxes. This water soluble, earth-friendly, non-toxic material is a breakthrough technology that dissolves quickly in water, or can biodegrade gradually depending on the amount of water or moisture exposure. SmartSolve board stock can be converted into hang tags and boxes which are available in a variety of water soluble material thicknesses up to 30pt.

For companies seeking a competitive advantage, SmartSolve water soluble backer boards and hang tags represent a greener alternative to traditional paper in the apparel and consumer goods industry. Both products are water-dispersible materials that are available in a variety of thicknesses, and can be shipped as rolls or converted into sheets.

SmartSolve board stock can also be printed on most web and sheetfed presses including digital, flexography, letterpress, and dry offset. It requires no special equipment and accepts water and oil based inks. When SmartSolve vanishes in water, so does anything printed or written on it.


Features & Benefits

  • Dissolves easily and quickly in water.
  • Calendared to provide sharp print quality.
  • Can be printed and converted into tags and boxes that rapidly break down with water and agitation
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Material has an expected shelf life of 12 months

Water Soluble Hang Tags & BACKER BOARDS

With water and agitation, a 24pt hang tag and string made with SmartSolve water soluble materials disperse in just seconds.

Water Soluble CorrugateD BOXES

A side-by-side comparison that demonstrates SmartSolve water soluble corrugate breaking down faster and more completely than standard corrugated cardboard.

A side-by-side comparison that demonstrates how water and agitation break down SmartSolve water soluble corrugate faster and more completely than standard corrugated cardboard.